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Given up by a family that felt he needed a better fit, Paxton is still looking for where his heart belongs.

Young at heart. Nothing but affection, love and kisses will emanate from this adorable guy! Paxton’s all about loving you, cuddling, and being your most loyal man. You’ll find him with the most wonderful youthful energy and spirit in chasing squirrels, running in the backyard, and chewing bones. Paxton makes friends easily with small dogs, cats, children, and people, but he’s very intimidated by larger dogs!

Means well. Paxton wasn’t given much of a chance to learn about how to be a trained dog but he’s learned some things on his own! He knows the command “sit” and will endure a bath to get him smelling fresh. He’s okay on the leash and knows how to use a crate, though the crate door is almost never closed. He gets very nervous once the door closes and he will speak his mind about it. He’s also used to being in a gated area.

Personal space. He loves his chews and treats and doesn’t want anyone touching them but him so it’s best to let dine alone on those yummy treats. He’s also a little sensitive about his hind quarters and prefers pets on the head instead.

Paxton best home would include a yard to allow him to stretch his legs and plenty of walks. Kids are cool but he prefers older ones that understand the need for space. A small animal sibling may also be great! Though Paxton has lived with a family before, he hasn’t found his true home. Make it yours!