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Sweet Finley was thought to be a stray when rescued and then it was determined that he had been neglected and then abandoned by his former owner. Finley was very undernourished and extremely friendly and will be much happier with you! Finley has classic shaggy dog good looks and a super-loving personality! Finley loves getting petted and will occasionally come over and lay his head on your lap for pets! Finley is a great dog you’d be proud to call your own!

* Finley loves people of all ages and looks forward to meeting them on walks!
* Finley does well with other dogs and likes to meet them first! He has not met cats, so they may be a possibility!
* Finley is doing great with house and crate-training, loves going for walks and does well on leash.
* Finley knows sit, lay down, and come! He is very treat-motivated and works harder for treats!
* Finley loves to chew sticks, playing in the yard and roll on the grass and snuggle!

Finley is one of those dogs who always seems to be smiling at you! Finley enjoys life and blesses those around him with a greater appreciation of things other dogs take for granted! Finley loves freely and makes you eager to love him back and give him all the affection he can handle! Finley is that dog you’ve always wanted, and if you meet him first, he might just be forever yours!