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Copper is an adorable pup just waiting to meet you! Copper and his brother were found when his mom almost got hit by a car and then led her rescuer to her puppies! Copper is living in a home with dogs, cats and kids and loves them all, so he will be an excellent match for your family! Copper is lovable, cuddly and affectionate, and ready to share all of it with you!

-Copper loves adults and children, and enjoys sitting in your lap, cuddling with you on the sofa, and getting petted!
-Copper loves other dogs and cats!
-Copper is doing well with house, crate and leash training!
-Copper knows his name and no and is ready to learn more!
-Copper’s current fun things to do are playing with toys and following you around the house!

Copper is off to a great start! He has aced the puppy trifecta of loving children, other dogs and cats, and he greets each person he meets eagerly! Copper is the kind of pup everybody wants! Copper is an awesome pup who will grow up to be an amazing adult! Meet Copper today!