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Popeye and his best bud were hanging out in someone’s front yard when they caught their recuer’s attention. This was life-changing! With no sign of someone looking for them, Popeye is moving on up and hopefully in with you! Once he gets to know you better, Popeye gets comfortable and affectionate and begins to love cuddling and climbing on your lap. He’s a great little buddy and is small enough to fit into any living situation.

* Popeye likes people, warming up as he gets to know them. He may like children when he meets them!
* Popeye loves to cuddle and sit on your lap. The more he gets to know you, the more affectionate he becomes!
* Popeye likes to be properly introduced to dogs so he can get to know them. He may get along with cats!
* Popeye is house and crate trained and does well on a leash.
* Popeye’s favorite toy is a tennis ball.

Popeye needs to meet people like you, because you’re just the type of person that will appreciate him! Popeye has lots of love and affection to give, whether it’s just you or your whole family! Popeye is young, with a long life ahead that he’d love to spend with you! Popeye’s philosophy on life is that he’s got lots of love to give, and it multiplies with every member of his human family! Share the love with Popeye!