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Piper’s parents weren’t spayed and neutered--and then there were puppies! Piper is a beautiful, affectionate pup you’re going to love! Piper is an playful puppy who loves adults, kids, dogs and cats! She’ll fit in with your household, giving love and laughs to everyone!

* Piper loves people of all ages, dogs and cats! She’s a win, win, win!
* Piper is super affectionate and loves getting petted!
* Piper is smart and ready to begin learning her basic skills!
* Piper is doing well with house training!
* Piper’s favs are playing, sleeping and eating!

Piper is already off to a great start in her life, and she needs you to write the next chapter--the one that ends in happy ever after! Piper is fun and active and will be happy to join you in your active lifestyle! Piper is laid-back and relaxed with whatever’s going on and is always ready for what’s up next! Meet Piper and you’ll know immediately that she’s the pup you’ve always wanted!