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Sansa is a beautiful pup who is very sweet and loving! Sansa loves people and will quickly bond with you and follow you around the house! Sansa gets along with dogs and cats and will love kids when she gets a chance to meet them! Sansa is doing well with house and crate training and walks nicely on leash! Sansa is a chill gal that goes with the flow of your household! Best of all, Sansa is at the perfect age to move in with you!

Sansa loves people, getting petted and sitting in your lap!
Sansa loves both dogs and cats!
Sansa is great on a leash and is quickly catching on to house and crate training!
Sansa absolutely loves to sit in your lap, play outside and take naps!
Sansa loves chew toys!

Sansa has been great from the start, seeming to know that she’s getting ready to meet you! Sansa is learning and loving living with people who love her, so she’ll move seamlessly in with you! As a puppy, Sansa is uniquely ready to grasp the many things you expect in your best friend! Day by day, Sansa will amaze you with her constant affection, intelligence and infectious happiness! Meet Sansa today!