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Cookie found herself at Friends For Life when her family had to downsize their home and found themselves unable to bring her along. She’s looking forward to a home where she can live out her golden years in peace and love!

Sweet granny. Cookie is a little unsure of new people and may speak her mind about it before she warms up and to them, then you’ll find a pretty simple, sweet dog who is just enjoying her golden years. She’ll look at you longingly out the window if you leave the house, pondering when you’ll be home again. She’s lived with a dog, children, and cats but she’s at the point in her life where she just looks forward to some peace, calm, and quiet.

Means well. Cookie has lived a house of love but wasn’t ever taught how best to live with humans. She’s unfamiliar with commands, crates, and housetraining but she is quickly learning. Baths are no problem except for water in her face!

Lots of love and patience. Cookie has never had any formal training and needs a family who just wants a lot of love and loads of patience to teach her things she’s missed out on. She’ll also look for your warm embrace

A family full of love is all Cookie has known and she longs to feel that again. Her heart longs for you and you just simply can’t walk away with a tug at your heart!