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Dixie is super-affectionate sweetheart that will rub against you like a cat does! Dixie loves to play and then cuddle. Dixie loves companionship and wants to be around you. Dixie likes other dogs and is great with kids. Dixie is house and crate trained. A combination of active and relaxed, she is agreeable with whatever you decide to do! Dixie is happiest when she’s near you!

Dixie enjoys meeting new people and warms up swiftly! Dixie likes children!
Dixie likes meeting and playing with other dogs and has the potential to like family cats!
Dixie is house and crate trained!
Dixie likes to go for walks yet may pull sometimes.
Dixie knows come and will go into her crate when you tell her to!
Dixie loves to play and run around outside with other dogs!

Dixie is a delightful dog who will be faithful and loyal to you for many years! Going for walks or playing with her in the yard will be fun for both of you! Dixie may enjoy chasing balls or toys! There are so many things you can do with Dixie, and then she’ll be there to snuggle up and be near you afterward! The love you give Dixie will be returned exponentially! Meet Dixie as soon as possible!