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Duchess has had a whirlwind life of up and downs, with being in a loving home, her companion passing away, and abandoned multiple times but it hasn’t dampened her gentle, happy nature!

Happy nature. Laidback and a complete joy to be around, Duchess is everything you could want in a wonderfully gentle and loving companion. She relishes in pets and cuddles but will give you space when she’s done and lay down. Sharing seems to be natural to her and she’s happiest when she’s outside, but only as long as you’re with her! Duchess simple likes to chill and takes things easy. She’s gotten along with every dog she’s met so far but she seems a little cautious with men (sorry, guys!).

Already perfect. Duchess shows that she is well matured and good living with humans. She great home alone, not only crate-trained but prefers to sleep in it with the door open, housetrained and enjoys a good brushing! Car rides only invite new adventures and her leash manners are pretty good after an initial excitement. Even more, she knows “sit” and is working on “down”!
Strange but lovable. Duchess has some pretty funny quirks like pooping on concrete rather than in the grass and cats frighten her a little. Funny!

Duchess is best to a quiet home where she’s more of a companion and friend rather than an exercise partner. She’s such a wonderful being to not only have around but to spend all your time with her! Admit it, your heart says she’s yours!