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Iris is a friendly, affectionate girl who loves to cuddle and sit on your lap! Iris likes adults, children, dogs and cats and that makes her perfect for you! Iris is exceptionally confident and resilient, which will enable her to adapt seamlessly into your home! Iris is totally okay with rockin’ the latest in doggie fashions, which may fit in with what you’re looking for! Iris is waiting to meet you, so please don’t keep her waiting!

Iris is a lover! Whether people or pets, she’s ready to share the love!
Iris likes to play with children, especially girls, ‘cause you know—girl power!
Iris is great indoors and in a confined space when you’re out of the house! She will use a puppy pad!
Iris enjoys walks and does well on a leash!
Iris knows let’s go and is always ready to go places with you!
Iris likes going to the dog park and enjoys socializing with other dogs!

Iris is very sweet to people and knows that it will achieve maximum attention! Who doesn’t want to pet a dog that lets them know she likes them?! Remember that Iris likes cats? She will even play with them if they are down with it! You aren’t going to find a young dog that outshines Iris’s star power!