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Sweet Haku is one of a litter of five born to a dog that unexpectedly found herself a mother-to-be just before she was to be spayed. The 28 lb. mom and 60 lb. dad have Haku estimated to mature anywhere from 40 to 60 lbs. Haku is amazingly cute and ready to be part of your family!

Haku is friendly and loves people and other dogs!
Haku is super affectionate and loving!
Haku is smart and ready to begin training!
Haku may be able to be friends with cats!
Haku is playful and active!

If you’ve got kids and don’t have a dog, you need to meet Haku! Kids of all ages and puppies have lots energy and when you let them have run around together, you end up with all kinds of fun and excitement! Haku is going to be a great asset to your family no matter what size it is! Meet Haku and find all the ways she’s exactly what you’re looking for! It’s that easy.