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Izzy is über adorable and loves people so much that her body literally quivers in happiness at being around them! Izzy is house and crate trained and has great indoor manners! If you allow her on the sofa—great! —but if you don’t, she understands and stays off. Izzy loves people of all ages. Izzy enjoys going for walks and loves having her human family nearby, and that is exactly what you want!

Izzy loves children and adults with an off-the-charts level of affection!
Izzy likes dogs but needs proper introductions, she’s a bit uncertain meeting new friends.
Izzy loves going for walks!
Izzy loves playing catch with her family.

Izzy would love having a parent who spends part of the day at home. Wherever you are is where she will be! Izzy is social gal and enjoys playing at the dog park! She likes power walks as much as sniffy walks! Izzy is an amazing dog that will fit in with your life, filling that space that only a good dog can! Meet Izzy as soon as you can!