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Picked up on the side of the road, Lucy found her way into a safe place with FFL and now she’s ready for a home!

Bashful and sweet! Exceedingly adorable, but painfully shy, she does need to warm up to anyone new but once she’s determined you’re all right, you’ll be privy to a loving and caring girl! She easily makes doggie friends and loves to share her things. She’ll soak up her pets and chow down any treats you offer her. Lucy is laidback but she likes to play and is always up for a walk!

Easy to live with. Lucy is mature, and her laidback personality makes her a wonderful dog while you’re away in her crate. She’s not a fan of baths but will allow you to make her beautiful! Leashes only mean more walks and time outside. Let her enjoy!

Constant companionship. Lucy loves hers humans a lot and hates to not be by their side when they go out into the world. She’s vocal and scared of the loneliness. She has trouble controlling her bladder when she’s really got to go and needs to be let out every few hours during the day. She’s trying her best to make it to make you happy!

Lucy’s best home would have a family that doesn’t venture out without her often and simply enjoys sweet companionship and moderate activity. She’s too easy to fall in love with that you can’t stop and not say hello!