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Some dogs are simply born sweet, and that’s our Zoey! Zoey was found hanging around her foster’s church. Further investigation found that Zoey had been adopted from a shelter and abandoned. Amazingly, Zoey maintained her sweet spirit and while very shy at first, Zoey warms up and solicits affection quickly. Zoey will be an excellent companion dog and she’ll be patiently waiting to meet you!

Zoey is a constant cuddler and will love every moment with you.
Zoey lives with many other dogs and gets along with them.
Zoey has no known experience with kids or cats, so they may be a friendship possibility.
Zoey is crate trained
Zoey is doing well with her leash skills.
Zoey’s most favorite things are cuddling up with you and playing with the other dogs.
Zoey will love going to the dog park and making new friends.

Basically, Zoey is a sweetheart who adores cuddling with her human family and spending time with them, while balancing that love with time spent with her canine friends! Zoey starts out shy and will blossom with the confidence love brings, making her the most amazing friend! Meet sweet Zoey and get to know your new bestie!