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Who could pass up that sweet looking mug? Friends For Life took one look and took Jesse into the program. He’s currently spending his time at Autumn Grove, a memory care center, until he finds his forever home!

Oozing with love!
Jesse is a complete joy to be around and approaches life with such profound happiness! He’s all about enjoying the simple things in life like enjoying the outdoors, soaking up some rays, and enjoying a nice, leisurely walk. He makes friends easily, human and dogs, and drowns everyone in his affection and relaxed demeanor. After all the fun out in the sun is done, he likes curling up on the couch for a snooze!

Impressed already? Just wait! Jesse will wow you with his maturity and schooling. He automatically sits when commanded and is learning loads more! He comes pre-packaged with house-training and walking on a leash but it’s unknown how he is in a crate or when home alone since there’s always people around at his fosters!

Jesse would find any home with a family that purely loves every member with loads of hugs and cuddles but if you happen to have a yard… he would give you the brightest of smiles and lots of laughter! He’s dreamed of a home with a loving family. Make it yours!