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Willow hasn’t been in this world long but she has only known the streets. She was found super emaciated and malnourished and FFL took her in right away!

Coax the sweetness out! A bit shy with new people, Willow blossoms once she’s acquainted with someone new and gets used to her new surroundings. She’s an absolute sweetheart and clearly enjoys being outside. The more time you spend with her, the more you see that affection turn up! She loves doggie pals, lots of toys to play and share with, and a romp in the yard after a good rain. Meeting new people isn’t her favorite thing but with a little patience and slow introductions, they will be met with the same love!

Kindergarten champ. Willow is still a young pup and doing absolutely amazing learning how to be an indoor dog. She’s mostly got potty training down and mastered the commands “sit” and “lay down”, and working on more! She’s quick at learning and eager to please you so training is fun! She does fine in a crate as long as you give her plenty of toys and puzzles to occupy her time. Leashes have been an easy learn and baths make her feel really good!

Willow will love doggie siblings! Add a family willing to continue her training while carrying loads of patience with her puppy-ness will make Willow’s idea of “home” become reality!