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Blinn is an amazingly cute, affectionate puppy brought to you by the wonderful person who saw this stray or more likely, abandoned puppy and rescued him! Sadly, Blinn’s sibling didn’t survive, and Blinn was emaciated and needed TLC immediately! Fast-forward and now Blinn is a beautiful, healthy puppy with an amazingly laid-back attitude! No doubt about it; Blinn is going to be an awesome dog! Shouldn’t he be yours?

Blinn is super affectionate and has loved everyone he’s met!
Blinn hasn’t been around other dogs and cats yet has a personality that should be accepting of other pets in your household!
Blinn hasn’t met kids, so he doesn’t know how much fun they are—yet!
Blinn is playful, happy and loving—the perfect pup!

Blinn is going to change your life for the better and be the best friend you’ve ever had! This time next year, you’ll have your first year of fantastic memories with Blinn, the pup who’s going to love you for the rest of his life! Blinn is waiting to meet you!