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Bill is a precious puppy who wants to meet you and make your summer and the rest of your life more complete, because what’s life without a great dog? Bill is just the pup to take that empty space in your life! Bill’s foster heard a strange whining sound one night and when they checked outside in the morning, there was sweet little Bill, all alone and needing help! Although he hasn’t had the opportunity to meet kids and cats, Bill loves his foster family and dogs yet needs his own place in the world and that’s with you!

For the first time in his short life, Bill is finding out what it means to live in a loving household with love, affection and those all-important regular meals! Bill is going to love you too! He is ready to begin learning his puppy basics with you and as he matures, Bill will add more and more to his list of accomplishments. If Bill could talk though, the most important item on that list is having you to love on every day—forever!