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Watch Marfa's Video

After being picked up by animal control, Marfa found herself at the city pound with her future looking bleak after no owner came searching for her, but with her sparkling personality, this girl won the hearts of FFL!

Full of love and gentle kindness. Marfa has never met a stranger and loves hanging out with everyone. One of her happiest moments includes plenty of sleeping with her head in your lap and snoring contently away! Once she arises in the morning, she’s so happy to see you that when she wags her tail, her whole body swings! Marfa just oozes love and gratitude for having people to love and her and being in a place where she feels safe. Those lap naps aren’t the only thing; rub her belly or scratch her butt, she’ll love you forever!

So good. Marfa is a wonderfully good dog and she’s so easy to be around. She fits in perfectly in a household and plays well with her doggies foster sister. When out for a walk, she’s pretty good but you’ll need to hang on if she sees a cat! Her fosters are working on that with treats and she is getting so much better!

New home. Marfa likes feeling and knowing she is safe. When she comes to a new home, she may take a while to settle in once she knows she’s found her forever home she’ll be fine!

Needless to say, Marfa will fit wonderfully in a household with a full family that happens to have kids and other canine siblings. Her fosters have described her as the PERFECT family dog. That cute under bite would look wonderful in your family photo!