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FFL found this little guy at another shelter, unsure of his future but FFL saw instantly how much Cecil loved humans and couldn’t leave him behind! You won’t be able to resist him either!

Just a love machine. Cecil LOVES attention. He’s the epitome of showing tons of PDA and relishes being your constant companion. He’ll lay on his back and expect the rubs to happen and will make such a fuss if you don’t invite him to sleep with you! He adapts quite easily in new situations and likes new doggie friends but tends to be shyer around those who are bigger. He’d rather not have another dog completely in his face but is open for plenty of play. Other than the major PDA, Cecil also loves treats, walks, and meeting lots of new people!
Good instincts. Cecil hasn’t mastered any commands but he’s has a naturally great demeanor. No accidents in the house, walking on a leash has been incredible, and then on top of that, car rides and grooming doesn’t seem to bother him much! Cecil is crated while home alone and he’s been the perfect gentleman.
Keep him close. The one thing that Cecil will balk at is if you lock him in the crate while you’re home. He’s thinks you’re not complete without him by your side!

Cecil will be fine in any size household because he’s easy to fit into any home situation. All he wants is someone who loves as hard as he does and is willing to include him in as many of their activities as possible! You can’t ignore that sweet little face and you’ll crave his endless love!