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The “Buddy” litter pups were all given names that mean buddy or friend, and they needed more than friends to get through their early days because they were dumped at only one week old!

Boo was the shyest of the litter – always back in a corner keeping to herself. After patience, time and some yummy treats she began to open up to her foster mom and show her spunky personality! Now as her confidence has grown, she can alternate from being shy to really telling you how she feels! Her foster aims to keep all her interactions positive and gives her the choice in how she wants to interact with dogs and people. This has really made a big difference in how she sees the world!

* Boo is a lot of personality wrapped in a small package. She is feisty, playful and full of life. Perfect for someone wanting an active but compact dog.
* Boo enjoys interacting with dogs after a slow and safe introduction – then watch out world! She is a firecracker. Would probably not do well with older dogs who do not enjoy playing.
* Boo has had some issues fearing people as a young pup – so she does better with humans who let her come to them rather than invading her space. She even sits to signal that she wants pets from a human, or play from dogs!
* Boo is currently housetraining, working on impulse control training and how to share items with people. Her sits are phenomenal!

Since Boo came into this world with a rough start, she needs a human who wants to show her that the world is NOT a scary place, but one filled with love and snuggles, playtime & treats. Are you that person?