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Summer loves to run, but her most favorite thing about running is having a running buddy! Back before FFL was around, Summer was jogging through a park, searching for a friendly face that she could hang with. An FFL foster was running with her pack, and when Summer noticed them, she decided that they looked like a fun crew and just ran right home with them. How could you resist her smiling face? Now Summer is just waiting around to find the perfect running buddy for life. She thinks that might be you! Don’t walk, sprint on over to meet Summer today!

Summer’s Stories:
Let’s get Physical!: Not only does this girl love hard, but she plays hard too! Summer is an active girl that gets along well with other dogs. That being said, she did spend some time on the streets, which is enough to make anyone a little weary of strangers. She may need a couple of weeks to get used to her surroundings, but after she knows she’s safe, she’ll be the biggest goofball of the bunch!
Baby, You Can Drive My Car: Summer loves a good car ride, and guess what, on top of being house trained and crate trained, she’s car trained, too! She’ll try to hitch a ride up front, if she can, but if you would rather her be a backseat driver, she’s cool with that too. Just point to the back seat and say “back”, and she’ll hop right into her space.
Perfect Day: If Summer could have one perfect day, she would: wake up in her forever home; start the day off right with playing some tug-of-war with her family; go search and find a sock in a laundry basket (she loves bobbing for socks); take a nice jog in a sunny park; then cap the day off by coming home, snuggling up in your lap, and lounging the day away in the comfort of having a very best friend. Summer has taken a chance on love so many times. Are you the perfect family to finally take a chance on loving her back? She’s trying to be patient, but she can’t wait to meet you!