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Roxy is a shy girl that is sweet but hesitant around new people. It takes a lot to win her over but once you are her friend, she is one of the biggest lap dogs you’ll ever meet! When she feels comfortable around them, her fun and sweet personality really starts to shine through.

She’s a total cuddle bug when she isn’t playing and running in the park. This sweet pup has a lot of energy and is always up for a good romp in the park. Roxy will defer to other dogs and wants to meet them when on walks.
Manners? Roxy has them! She’s happy to sit when asked, shake when requested, and of course will lay down on command. Her leash manners are almost top notch, and she’s working on perfecting them.

Roxy likes to be crated when she has to be home alone. It’s not her favorite place (because you aren’t there!) but she just needs a few minutes to get adjusted!

If you have patience to help this sweet girl trust you and the world, come and meet Roxy today!