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Starting life off without a family didn’t shrink Clint’s heart one bit! This sweet boy was found with numerous health problems but with the amazing TLC from FFL, he’s making a full recovery!

Don’t judge a book by it’s cover. Despite his start on the streets, Clint will make you forget his rough roots! He’s a quiet, curious dog who likes being nearby and will chew on a toy for fun while you’re busy and will lounge quietly on the couch when he wants to rest. Clint is still a young buck and loves having dogs to play with, especially at the dog park! He’s very affectionate but will respect your space when you need some.

So much potential. Having never been walked on a leash before, Clint adjusted so easily and learned house manners quickly. It was no surprise when he learned “sit” and “touch” quickly and has so much desire for learning and perfecting more! Bathing is a luxury he had never experienced before but he found he loves it!

Friends are great but let him get to know you. Clint adores people but takes some time to warm up to new friends. Though he might be timid at first, he’ll be nudging your hand for pets in no time! He’s also great with other dogs and loves his trips to the dog park. He would do well in a house with another dog companion but would also do fine as an only dog child! When it comes to kids, Clint may shy away if they overwhelm his space too soon. He prefers calm surroundings after a rough life on the streets!

This tender hearted pup is one who has a lot of love to give and will give you nothing but laughs and adoration! Shy, nice guys DO finish first!