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Markus finally thought he was safe. After all of that time being alone, and not having a person to please, he thought that his life was about to get so much better because not too long ago, he was brought to a seemingly nice home from a really scary shelter. Unfortunately, though, it was not to be. Markus’ new person, the one he thought was ready to be his best friend, left Markus alone in the backyard for far too long and didn’t even seem to like him that much. Being the innovative dog that he is, Markus decided to set out on his own to find a different person, and wound up wandering the Heights. Lucky for him, someone found him and gave him another chance, and Markus has been hamming it up ever since! He is house trained, knows how to sit, and is learning more every day! You may not know by looking at him, but Markus is also a lap dog, and loves to snuggle and cuddle with his person.

Markus’ Main Details
Takin’ care of business- Markus always makes sure to do his outside
Take a load off – Markus love to snuggle up and watch TV with his human
Get by with a little help from my friends – Markus loves to play with other dogs

Are you the perfect person to finally give Markus all the love the deserves? He can’t wait to meet you!