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Butterbean is a darling dog looking for her forever home. She is a sweet pup with a calm demeanor who loves to be with her humans and enjoy the simple things in life.

She is well-behaved. Butterbean is already house-trained and can be reliably left alone in the home on her best behavior. She prefers not to be confined and does well on her own. She is comfortable walking on leash and understands basic leash etiquette. She knows how to sit on command and a smart girl like Butterbean could probably learn more tricks and manners with ease!

She loves humans. Humans are Butterbean’s favorite thing in the world. Butterbean can be a bit shy at first and prefers to be approached slowly while she works on building her confidence. Once she warms up, she is the most loving and snuggly dog on the planet! Butterbean lives for human affection and attention. She will nuzzle her face into your hands for snuggles and try to get as close to you as she possibly can. She is a serious cuddler!

She is good with other dogs. Butterbean really enjoys playing with other dogs. While she can be a bit timid in the beginning, she does warm up quickly and is very patient and polite. She would do well with another dog in the house as she likes to have company when left alone but is well behaved either way.

Butterbean has a calm and gentle spirit. Her ideal day includes lots of love from her humans, some sunbathing, a nice nap, and perhaps a little massage. If Butterbean sounds like a good match for you, apply to meet her today!