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Diamond has always relied on the kindness of strangers. Diamond’s story, as we know it, began after Hurricane Rita. Her first family evacuated and was staying at the Salvation Army in Houston, they knew that a shelter (whether it’s for humans or animals) was not a good place for her, so they did the best thing for Diamond and gave her away to a shelter volunteer. That volunteer has given Diamond a loving and wonderful home for the past 6 years, but is elderly and has begun to show signs of dementia. She is in no position to keep Diamond, and only wants her faithful four legged companion to be able to live out her last years with loving kindness. So Diamond is once again in a vulnerable spot and needs a kind human’s touch to guide her through the rest of her days.

Diamond’s Details
Everything I do, I do it for you – Diamond is very loyal to her owners. She can be a bit wary of strangers so she’ll need patience from her family when introducing her to new people.

Prefers to be an only child – While Diamond has complete and total adoration for her people, she doesn’t really care for others of her own kind. She is an only child, and has a history of getting into altercations with other dogs, especially smaller ones. Because of this Diamond will need to go to a forever home with no cats, or other dogs and be supervised if around other dogs.

Lean on me – Diamond has lived a full life and is now in her senior years. She has been a faithful companion and a loyal friend. She is currently being boarded, and doesn’t understand what’s going on to put her in such a new and scary place. She needs your help now more than ever to give her love, stability, and a warm spot on the couch to snuggle up next to you. She promises to love you when you’re cranky, protect you from strangers, and snuggle up with you when you’ve had a hard day.

Come meet Diamond! She’s waiting for you!