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Maybe Princess got her name because of her royally good looks: her lovely coloring, attentive gaze, and to die for figure get stares of appreciation everywhere she goes. Sure, she’s a pretty gal, but she truly steals the show because of her impeccable manners and charming personality. Here are 10 reasons you will fall in love with Princess:
Princess knows more tricks than you do. We’re willing to bet on it! She can “sit,” “down,” “stay,” “leave it,” “drop it,” “wait,” “play dead,” “give kisses,” “look,” “touch,” “go to your bed,” “spin” … It won’t be long before she’s doing our taxes!
She’s a neat freak. She’s not OCD or anything, but she knows the difference between her stuff and your stuff and she leaves anything inappropriate alone. That means that Princess won’t chew your Jimmy Choos!
She’s even neat when you’re not home! Some dogs pretend to be angels, but when you’re at work – PARTAY! No such problems with Princess. She’s never destroyed anything when left home alone.
She knows where to do her business. Princess is spotlessly housetrained. ‘Nuff said.
She’s the BEST running partner. She doesn’t bark at other dogs or lunge at cats. She stops when you do. Her envy-inspiring body fat percentage will keep you motivated.
She’ll forgive you for missing a work-out. Princess loves running, but she’s NOT hyperactive. At home, she prefers to cuddle and rolls on her back for belly rubs.
She’s a super car dog. If you don’t mind having the back of your neck licked periodically, Princess will ride with you anywhere!
She has toddler experience. As long as they are happy to share their Cheerios, Princess can tolerate the occasional tail tug.
She loves her bed. Not your couch or your bed, HER bed. Princess is happy to stay off the furniture.
She wants to make you happy! Sure, Princess will work for treats, but she doesn’t need them. She’ll perform forkibble, toys, affection, and praise.

Princess is a super friendly dog but is initially very hesitant and wary with strangers. Once she knows you she warms up quickly. Therefore she would do better in a home without a lot of unexpected guests unless she can retreat to a quiet sanctuary during dinner parties!