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Please meet Eli, a ruggedly handsome Labrador Retriever mix. He was wandering around the neighborhood when he made friends with a couple. Since he was such a friendly and personable dog, they decided that they would help him find a home, and that is Chapter 1 of Eli’s life story.

Here is a quick run-down of Eli:

He loves to go for walks and is comfortable walking on a leash.
Eli knows the commands “sit,” “relax,” “touch,” “puppy zen,” and “leave it.”
He doesn’t need treats to perform tricks, once he knows them, he’ll work for affection, play, or an opportunity to go outside.
Eli has liked everyone he has ever met and loves being with children!
He likes riding in the car.
This well-mannered dog is perfectly house-trained!
He knows the difference between his things and yours and is not destructive.
Eli is comfortable being home alone and has no issues with thunderstorms or loud noises.
He gets along with other dogs.

Eli is a great dog who will embrace you as a long-lost family member. You will wonder how you lived so long without him! Now, it is time to start Chapter 2 – what are you waiting for!? Come on and meet Eli!