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One look at Buster, with his silvery coat and dashing grey eyes to match, and you’ll be blown away! That’s because Buster is the resident FFL hunk. But there’s so much more to this handsome fella than his drop dead gorgeous looks; he’s got a personality to match!

Here are 10 things about Buster we know you’ll love:
He’s not just cute, he’s also an educated dog! Buster knows many basic commands, including sit, stay, down, leave it, drop it, come, and look.
He’s smart AND fun! Buster can perform tricks like “fist bump” and “high five.” He also can retrieve balls, placing them right into your hand.
He’s tidy! Buster is well housetrained and can “hold it” all day while you’re at work.
He’s a great walking companion! He walks politely on the leash and doesn’t bark at other dogs.
He doesn’t get carried away! Buster loves to play, but he knows how to settle when his playmate does. He’s also calm and rather retiring at home.
He’s just a great big lap dog! The best medicine for when you’ve had one of ‘those days’ and just need someone to hug.
He loves to share! Buster is absolutely comfortable with people approaching and touching him while he’s eating or playing with toys.
He’s the Michael Phelps of dogs! He’s hot and loves to swim!
He a terrific car dog! He sits quietly in the back and just watches the world go by. No back seat driver here!
He’s an amazing chick/dude magnet! It just had to be said.