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Sugar was found looking very skinny and wandering around the streets of Houston. Her foster parent took one look into her sweet eyes, and couldn’t leave her there. There are some dogs that are just meant to be best friends with a human. Regardless of the tough knocks that Sugar has been dealt by people in the past, she still trusts and loves us. Are you the perfect person to be besties with this loving girl? She’s excited about finally getting to meet you!

Sugar’s Specifics
Pour Some Sugar on Me!– Sugar’s most favorite thing in the whole world is to snuggle up and lay her head on her human’s lap. This girl is the definition of sweet!
Sugar, Sugar, oooh, Honey, Honey– Have we mentioned that Sugar is sweet? Not only that, but she’s also trusting, loyal, and easily trainable. What more could you want?!
Walkin’ on Sunshine – Sugar is a happy girl who lives to please her human. She’s never lost her faith in us, and she’s waiting for the perfect person who won’t lose their faith in her. Come by and meet Sugar! She’s guaranteed to show you the meaning of true love!