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Details about Lewis:

• I Wanna Know What Love Is! And I want you to showww meee! Lewis’s theme song is all about his biggest desire – to be loved upon by his special people. He wants to be petted by you, hugged by you, massaged by you, or just lean up against you.
• Knows his business: This boy is 100% housebroken!
• One Chill Dude: Lewis is easy-going and laid back. After his initial excitement about getting outside and doing his business, he settles into a graceful and polite saunter. He generally does not pull on the leash!
• Enjoys a night out on the town: If you’d like a dog to hang out with in public, Lewis might just be a match! His foster says that he is relaxed spending time on restaurant patios and minds his own business.
• Makes a great playmate: Lewis likes most every dog he meets. He’s not an energetic guy, so he really prefers a lazy wrestle to a game of tag.
• A bit of a show-off: Lewis isn’t a high energy guy, but he is very enthusiastic about showing off his tricks! He knows how to sit, down, drop it, and “say please” (sit up).

Perfect Day: Lewis’ perfect day would be spent being massaged at the side of his favorite person, after a leisurely walk and a low impact playdate with his doggie BFF. If it’s not too hot outside, he would enjoy a game of fetch … a very short game. He is a man of simple tastes!

You have a once in a lifetime opportunity with Lewis to allow him to discover the wonders of the world around him. What a chance! Come by and visit with Lewis today, he can’t wait to explore life and love with you!