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Pepper was found trotting around her foster’s neighborhood looking for scraps, and maybe even a nice person to pet her. Lucky for her, her foster took one look at this girl and knew that the streets were no place for such a sweet puppy dog. She took her in, and is working with Pepper to find her the perfect family. We think that might be you!

Sunday Kind of Love: Pepper is truly a loyal, easy going girl. If you’re looking for your first dog, or even a pup that isn’t high maintenance, Pepper’s your gal! She loves to be petted and is content just to hang around the house and soak up the love. She’d love to cuddle up next to you for snuggles and TV time!

So Nice and So Smart: Not only is Pepper sweet, but she’s smart too! She is house trained, and in her brief time with her foster she has learned to sit, wait, and even shake hands to say hello! Pepper enjoys car rides, leisurely strolls, and meeting new people.

Pepper needs a home where she can be inside with you (her favorite person!) and go outside for exercise sometimes. You will love playing fetch with Pepper and having all of her devotion focused on you! She will thrive on the love and affection her perfect person can give her! Plus, wouldn’t it be cool to have Pepper say hello to your friends?