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Sassy’s owner’s age and medical conditions made it impossible to care for her nine dogs, so she is seeking a place in your heart and home. Sassy is a unique blend of Schnauzer and Boston Terrier that has resulted in a truly extraordinary appearance.

Personality: Sassy is friendly, likes to please, cautious, obedient, outgoing, calm, adaptable, and trainable. Sassy’s prior experience was that of being one of ten other dogs with which she had to compete for attention, and she wanted all of the attention! Sassy might be better as an only dog with someone who has experience and patience with dogs, as she is a bit of a diva alpha dog, and a little bossy. Sassy mounts smaller dogs to assert her dominance. She may nip when frightened, does not like to be picked up, and has growled at young children. Sassy gets very nervous during baths, as she is not a fan of water. She sometimes barks, jumps on people, and pulls on the leash. Strange places can be a little scary for Sassy.
Training: Sassy is semi-house trained, but not crate trained. She knows the commands come and stay. Sassy is not leash trained, and is afraid of a leash or harness. She is working on this, however. Sassy may try to run away, but will come back when called.

Sassy is a special dog with a diva personality that literally begs for your attention! Sassy has many quirks, which are related to her upbringing and prior environment, so she is quite capable of blossoming in your loving care! You may be the perfect match for Sassy! Meet her, spend some time with her, and see what happens!