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You’ve Got a Friend In Red: Red loves just about everyone he meets! All this amazing pup seems to want from people is a ton of snuggles!

Not just a Gentleman, but also a Gentle Man: Red is so well-behaved! He is housebroken, crate-trained, and would be comfortable being left home alone while you work all day. He also knows some commands, like “sit,” “snuggies!” and “say please!” Not to mention that Red promises always to take treats with a very, very soft mouth.

Loves his sleep: As much as he loves going for walks, Red is a pretty laid back snuggle puppy. He prefers sleeping in, because that means he can have more cuddle time with you! He’s also a huge fan of snoozing and lounging throughout the day, ideally resting up against your thigh or in your arms.

A man of simple tastes: Red’s the kind of guy who appreciates the little things. Food, water, shelter and love. Above all, love.

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