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They’ve often told me to play it cool. “Play hard to get,” they say. But it’s against my nature. I wear my heart (and my desire for a cuddle partner for life) on my paw! My name is Willow and I'm looking for somebody to love.

Single Brindle Spayed Female Seeks Dog-Loving Individual(s):
-Must love cuddling: My biggest desire is to be loved upon by my special people. I want to be petted by you, hugged by you, massaged by you, or just lean up against you.
-Appreciation of good house-manners desired: I am 100% housebroken and crate-trained! I am never destructive when left home alone!
-Licensed to drive preferred: I absolutely, positively enjoy car rides and am well-behaved on every trip.
-Active social life a plus, but not necessary: Do you like people? What a coincidence! I’m a social butterfly! On the other hand, if you’re more of a loner, that’s cool with me, too. I can simply focus all my affection on you!
-Monogamy Required: I’m a bit of an introvert and don’t really care for other dogs. I don’t react to them, I just tend to ignore them. Can you be my one and only?