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Have you ever seen a dog twirl and dance for a treat and thought, “Gee, I’d love to have a dog that does that!” Today is your lucky day, just as it is for Century! Century’s owner fell on hard times and wanted the best for him, and you are the best! Century is very good in the house and respects your belongings. He is house trained, well-behaved, and loves to go for walks! Century is loving and affectionate, and enjoys being near his human family! Century is a great guy that you’ll want to meet!
What makes Century a once in a lifetime dog? Read on:
Century loves people and other dogs! He may like kids!
Century is house trained and great indoors!
Century loves to be with you! He will lay next to you on the sofa or right by your feet!
Century is always ready for a car ride! He is great in the car and likes to look out the window or just lay down.
Century loves going for walks and exploring his neighborhood!
Century is not bothered by stormy weather—super!
Century has been to dog-friendly restaurants and has been very good when meeting new people. He can be shy in meeting people, yet always responds well! Century is very good if left home alone, and when you return, he is ready to go for a walk, watch a movie with you, or simply chill right by your side while you check your email! Century adores affection and getting brushed—anything that brings him closer to you! You’re going to love Century!