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My name is Chaparro.  I’m one of the best mini-cuddle buddies around.  I so love being next to my person.  And, I enjoy every present moment just being together.  Whether you are directly focused on me or are attending to other matters, just being together is what counts.

I don’t require a lot of exercise.  Daily walks are good.  Yet, several short ones work well too – and that’s a plus for all of us residing in a hot climate! Whenever I meet new people I get questions like:  “Are you blind?”  The answer is “No."   I have what is called corneal dystrophy which - depending on the current light and angle - creates my sweet brown eyes to appear to be cloudy and/or bluish. I might have a bit of trouble seeing but I’m not blind.  Look into my soulful eyes and you will see all the love and sweetness I have to share with that special someone.

The Beagle mix I am contains some Dachshund in my physical build, which means - for me to maintain optimal back health and care - I cannot be allowed to jump up and down from elevations. It is no problem for me as my temporary caretakers have experienced how easy it to swoop me up into their arms when necessary to help me get up or down.   I’m a sweet, little gentle lightweight – and that’s part of my cuteness.

Come by Friends For Life and meet me!  You and I may have a lot in common and it could be the beginning of very special relationship.