Friends For Life Receives Houston PetSet Grant

Friends For Life

FFL thanks Houston PetSet for awarding us a grant to continue our program to fund a targeted approach to trap/spay/neuter services to animals in low income/high impound areas. The Healthy Pets, Healthy Streets initiative is the first-ever partnership between BARC and a private Houston shelter. Friends For Life is proud to be on the progressive edge of the positive change in Houston’s animal community. Working together, we can accomplish so much more than separately.

Houston PetSet has always taken that progressive view and recognized that there are many organizations in Houston and that each provides unique services and strengths. PetSet has led the way in supporting not just organizations that follow the traditional ways of doing things but has jumped in to support groups with unique, outside the box ideas. We are honored to be a recipient of a 2013 PetSet grant!

Houston PetSet is an umbrella organization dedicated to making a difference by providing grants to animal welfare-related nonprofits in the Greater Houston area. Learn more here.