Healthy Pets, Healthy Streets: Friends For Life leads unprecedented public/private partnership

Friends For Life

Friends For Life is proud to be a part of an unprecedented public/private partnership to offer free spay/neuter and wellness services to the animals belonging to residents in a low income neighborhood in Houston. Friends For Life will underwrite the needs of all the neighborhood cats in this unique initiative including spay/neuter, vaccinations, micro-chipping, registration and transportation to/from the clinic on the Friends For Life Mobile Adoption Vehicle (MAV).

Friends For Life has joined forces with BARC, SNAP, representatives of the Mayor’s office, Councilman Gonzalez’s office, Wesley Community Center, Unity for a Solution and several key community leaders to create this visionary coalition for change. This is the first step in what we plan to be many such efforts in this and other neighborhoods.

This targeted, public/private model has never been tried before in Houston but has met with great success in Austin (now a No Kill city). This laser focused (door to door, actually) targeted approach will provide free spay/neuter and wellness for owned (and loosely owned) animals in a neighborhood that has the highest impound rates in town. This kind of concentrated effort will have the effect of reducing the animal population, increasing the quality of life for the animals in the neighborhood and decreasing the number of animals impounded and killed. Initiatives and cooperation like this are steps toward moving Houston on the path to becoming a No Kill city.

We are honored to be a part of bringing this game-changing new approach to Houston and honor the groups involved for their vision, energy and commitment.

Click here to read the City of Houston's press release.