Manners for Buster: Urban Tails Second Pawportunity Program

Friends For Life

Not saying “Yes, Ma’am” to your grandma. Forgetting to excuse yourself from the table. Talking with your mouth full.  Speaking loudly on your cell in public. We all forget manners from time to time.

Although good people, everyone can forget common courtesies. A refresher course could help us all! Luckily, Friends For Life adoptable Buster has Urban Tails and the Second Pawportunity Program to work on his manners.

Buster is a Pit Bull Weimaraner mix who is very intelligent and enjoys being around people. He is always looking for something fun to do. This means if not given a fun activity, Buster is likely to find his own “fun,” typically by finding something to chew, tug, or destroy (a bad manner).

He is generally a well-behaved dog; however he does require a confident handler who will set boundaries. Buster will push to see how far he can get away with something. His main manner problem areas are grabbing his leash, or anything a person in holding, and not letting go/playing tug. He also tends to jump and nip at people’s clothing or hair.  That’s not very polite Buster!

“As long as a person is very clear of their boundaries with Buster he behaves really well,” says Urban Tails Head Trainer Monica Body. “Being an active dog he does need daily exercise-walks, games of fetch. He also needs mental stimulation. The easiest way to accomplish this is to ditch the food dish and feed from food puzzles. This keeps Buster busy for quite a while. I’m really excited to work with him! He’s just so smart and focused and LOVES to learn new things.”

During Buster’s boarding and enrollment in the Urban Tails Second Pawportunity Program, he will work on the following:

Building on Basic Obedience/Trick Training

Buster has a pretty good understanding of his basic cues. The trainers will focus on advancing Buster’s obedience- working around more distractions, learning longer stays, and learning new tricks to keep his brain occupied.

Impulse Control and Boundaries

Buster will learn how to control his behavior, especially in high stimulate situations. He will also learn boundaries for his everyday activities such as sitting patiently for his leash, waiting at doors and curbs, waiting for his food, and earning things he wants by offering good behavior.

Meet Buster in the following before video.