Parker's Remarkable Progress: Week Two

Friends For Life

“Parker is doing remarkably well!”-Monica Body, Urban Tails Head Trainer.

In his second week, Parker is learning to stay calm and focused around distractions. As you’ll see in the video, Parker is now capable of walking up and down an aisle of barking dogs-a vast difference from when he entered the Second Pawportuity program.

This is huge progress for Parker, opening up many more opportunities for him. One of the reasons he’s been so hard to place in a home is because he did not show well at Friends For Life during adoption days. Parker had great difficulty just walking through the Friends For Life building past the other dogs without getting overly stimulated and having a “meltdown” as seen in his before video clip.

Parker is also learning how to earn the things he wants in life (attention/petting, throwing the ball, putting on his leash, running) by offering nice calm behavior. He’s quickly finding that sitting calmly gets him what he wants MUCH faster than jumping and barking. Parker has also excelled in learning and improving on his basic obedience cues including sit, down, stay, and watch me. Parker continues to show his sweet heart as he learns new things. 

Stay tuned to see what Parker learns next week in the Urban Tails Second Pawportuity program. And don’t forget Parker is working hard to find a home. If you’re interested in adopting him, visit his adoption page