Feral (Wild) Dogs

Dogs are much less likely to be feral than cats. In fact, what you are likely to see is a shy, fearful stray.

In other words, in almost every case, the stray dog is able to be rehabilitated and acclimated to living among people in some fashion. Dogs cannot be trapped/neutered/released like cats and unlike cats, do not fare well in the urban “wild.”

It is important to have a plan once you trap the dog as most agencies that will come out and trap a dog will kill the dog. Unlike a trapped cat, you cannot simply have the animal altered and re-released. While we are a no kill shelter, we do not believe that it is ever a good life for a dog on the street and sometimes there are things that can befall an animal worse than a humane death. Having said that, we would love to see as many dogs saved as possible so we are happy to help you with information on trapping, brainstorming options and connecting you with resources for rehabilitating the dog to make him/her either your pet or adoptable through FFL or another program.

One option for trapping:

Live Animal Traps for Stray Dogs

If you are facing this situation and need advice on options, please contact us at 713-863-9835 or info@adoptfriends4life.org.

Agencies that may trap/pick up a dog:

Please be sure to ask each shelter about their policy regarding your specific situation.

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