Building the Future Together

In June 2012, Friends For Life opened the only green animal shelter in the city. In what is the perfect marriage of love for our animal companions and love of the planet that sustains us all, Friends For Life is proud to bring Houston it’s only LEED certified green FFL No Kill Adoption and Rescue Center.

We are happy to announce that construction is complete and our new shelter opened on June 2, 2012.

When the history of Houston animal sheltering progress is written, this will be a significant chapter. Be a part of making history for Houston’s animals by sponsoring a part of this visionary facility.

What would happen if an animal shelter was a joyful place?

What would it look like if an animal shelter was built with a respect for the environment we all share?

What would happen if we act as if everyone (including the animals) is connected?

Let’s see.

Friends For Life, incorporated in 2002, is the fastest growing No Kill shelter in Houston. The organization that brought Houston the revolutionary Thinking Outside the Shelter program, The MAV Mobile Adoption Vehicle and the wonderful Heights Center that is as close to a loving home as an animal can get without having a home has grown! In June 2012, we brought Houston its only LEED certified state of the art No Kill facility, the Don Sanders Adoption Center.

In fact, Friends For Life has written a new chapter for Texas shelters by bringing Houston the only LEED certified No Kill animal shelter in the state!

You have a once in a lifetime opportunity to be a part of this amazing new chapter of animal sheltering. Sponsorships are currently available for parts of the facility and we are honored to be able to name each portion of this visionary new shelter after its sponsor. Write yourself into the history books by making a contribution to the Friends For Life facility.

We consulted with LEED experts and nationally renowned shelter design experts including the incredible team at Animal Arts in Boulder, Colorado, an architecture firm that exclusively designs animal care facilities. They are responsible for some of the most beautiful, forward-thinking and environmentally friendly shelters in the United States.

More than 75% of our animals are those who would be classified “unadoptable” at traditional shelters. At FFL we live up to the shelter motto that Every Animal Matters. We believe each animal is precious and deserves to be treated as an individual whose needs and welfare are important.

Care has been taken with every detail of the building from making sure sunlight reaches every animal to the amount of fresh air constantly circulated and the early engagement of a professional acoustician to ensure that we manage the sound for everyone’s comfort.

The goal has been to create a space that is truly animal-friendly from the animal’s point of view. Their sense of smell and hearing are much more acute than ours and they are generally stressed just to be in a shelter environment to begin with. The fact that we know them at all means something has already gone wrong in their lives. It is our task, in part, to provide as stress-free, healthy and interesting an environment as possible. The center will be adopter/visitor friendly as well as follow the highest standards of shelter management.

We are proud to announce our $1 million capital campaign for the creation of this visionary center. There are donation level opportunities in many ranges. If you are interested in participating in the campaign, please contact:

Salise Shuttlesworth, J.D.
Executive Director