Volunteer Shout Out

A Special Shout Out to Emma Wheat!

Emma started volunteering at Friends For Life in August of 2017, almost as soon as she turned 16. She was thrilled to get in here and start helping the dogs get adopted. After training and getting to know some of the dogs, she found her favorite part of volunteering was just getting to hang out with them, whether they were in the backyard playing around or cuddling in the kennel.

Volunteering at the shelter inspired her to do a research project where she tracked the success of a reusable environmental enrichment device.

She has a heart for all the cute cuddly puppies, especially Charlie who she rescued after Harvey, and fostered for 2 weeks until he was adopted. Emma lives at home with a black cat named Oscar who has a funny meow and a tail that is far too short for his round body, and a black standard poodle named Nixon.

Thank you for all your hard work Emma!