Volunteer Shout Out

Evelyn Cutts: From Canada With Love

A special shout out to Evelyn Cutts!

Evelyn started volunteering at FFL in April of 2016, and she has been at the shelter nearly every week since! After moving here from Calgary, Alberta, Canada in 2015, she was ready to start doing something she had always wanted to do - volunteer at a shelter. Her dedication and commitment to this organization and the animals in our care is demonstrated in everything she does. Evelyn is a phenomenal cat volunteer, and she enjoys working the Down n' Dirty cleaning shifts here at the shelter and at our PetSmart cattery. She always leaves the rooms spotless and takes great pride in ensuring that the rooms and kennels are clean because she feels that the cats seem to appreciate it so much. And they certainly do! 

However, the thing she loves most about being an FFL volunteer is interacting with the cats and seeing how many of them change from being incredibly scared or timid to coming out of their shell and allowing her to hold and pet them while they purr. Evelyn's patience and kindness has helped many cats become comfortable around people, including her favorite cat, Kennedy, who holds a very special place in her heart. Always wanting to do more, Evelyn has also chauffeured countless cats and dogs to and from the vet, putting in lots of miles (literally) for FFL.
Thank you so much for all that you do, Evelyn! We are so thrilled that you are a part of the FFL family.