Volunteer Shout Out

A Special Shout Out to Anna Koo!

Kind and compassionate are just a couple of words that describe Anna. She started volunteering at Friends For Life a little over a year ago and has now become a vital part of our creative writing team. Anna has written many of the dog bios that you see on our kennel cards and on the FFL website. She was not always an administrative volunteer, though. Not one to shy away from a little bit of hard work, Anna started out as a dog volunteer and often helped with the end of day cleaning shift. You still will often find her in the dog hallway sneaking a snuggle with her furry pals. Currently, her most favorite FFL dog is Tess. Anna has a special place in her heart for animals that need a little extra patience and love to help them overcome past trauma. Anna's absolute favorite thing about being a FFL volunteer is seeing the animals go home with their forever families, especially the ones that she has written bios for.

Thank you so much for all that you do! Anna, your passion for the animals is evident in your writing and we are so thankful to have you as part of our tribe!