Volunteer Shout Out

D'Andrea Keener

A special shout out to D'Andrea Keener!

D'Andrea started volunteering at FFL in January of 2013. Not only does she help at off-site adoption events, but she is also a dedicated Behavior Volunteer. She loves socializing with our quarantine cats and even co-leads our Puppy Kindergarten class every Saturday. D'Andrea also enjoys training with the cats, with her favorite training partner being Stallone, who reminds her of her two tom cats. She also assists our photographers in capturing the most beautiful pictures and videos of our FFL cats. She really brings out the best in each of them with her calm and gentle nature.

D'Andrea is also a jack of all trades in the Fix Houston program. Need someone to transport a cat to surgery? Help with our early morning Healthy Pets Healthy Streets Events? Assist with trappings? Do a TNR recovery shift? D'Andrea is your girl! Not only does she help with just about every part of the Fix Houston program, but she is a joy to be around when doing it. Nothing but smiles and an amazing positive attitude from this girl!

Her passion and commitment to FFL are unrivaled. When asked what her favorite thing about being an FFL volunteer was, D'Andrea said that she loves being a part of the No Kill Revolution and that by being an FFL volunteer, she is contributing to saving the lives of many cats and dogs that wouldn't otherwise have a chance to live and thrive. She also said "I am honored to be a part of such a dedicated team: volunteers, staff and foster parents."

We are so thankful that you are a part of our FFL family, D'Andrea! Thank you so much for all that you do!