Volunteer Shout Out

Joan Bonnington

A Special Shout Out to Joan Bonnington!

A phenomenal creative writer, Joan has helped hundreds of FFL dogs find their forever homes with her heartfelt kennel card bios.  She chose to volunteer at FFL after her sister inspired her to become a part of the no kill movement.  It was very important that she found a group to work with that actually saved cats and dogs, regardless of how long it takes to find the perfect forever home.  After a quick Google search, Joan discovered FFL and has been a member of our tribe for over four years now!

Joan must always be unbiased when writing kennel card bios, but she does have a special place in her heart for the dogs that have undergone hardship or abuse, and for the people who have gone through great lengths to rescue, treat and rehabilitate them.

Joan Bonnington is one of the most dedicated and passionate FFL volunteers. She even requested that a picture of an adoptable dog take her place in the newsletter and on Facebook, rather than one of herself. So here is Nylon - a sweet girl who is perfectly perfect in every way!

Joan, you are also perfectly perfect, and we are so thankful for all that you do!