Dia De Los Muertos at FFL Day of the Dead

To the Friends For Life Army:

This year, Friends For Life will continue our tradition of celebrating Dia De Los Muertos by joining together in an event to take time to honor and celebrate those animals and animal lovers who have passed on.

Honoring loved ones who have passed is sacred custom that is present across many cultures, including Asian and African countries, in Judaism, Buddhism, and Catholicism. The most well-known of the traditions is Day of the Dead, or Dia de los Muertos celebrated throughout the US, Mexico, Central, and South America. Day of the Dead is typically characterized by bright colors, flowers, and offerings to the dead such as favorite foods and reminders of favorite pastimes.

This time of year and tradition can be taken as an opportunity to remember, cherish, and talk about those who have made an impact in your life. At Friends For Life we will have time and space for you to do that in solitude or in community by placing any item that feels sacred to you on our altar in the MPR at any time and by joining us in a celebration together if you feel inclined.

Drop by the shelter to contribute pictures or special tokens (stones, items that were special to your loved ones, something that makes you smile and think of them) to the altar beginning October 14th.

Then please join us the evening of Wednesday, November 1 at 6:30 pm for a get together to share stories and memories of our loved ones. We will have some drinks, some snacks and take some time to remember and celebrate those we have loved who have gone on.
We look forward to seeing you. If you’d like, bring a favorite snack item to share.

If you are not able to come by the shelter to bring a picture but still want to participate, please feel free to email a picture with a caption of your loved pets/humans you would like remembered and we will include them.
Email to: info@friends4life.org

Friends For Life
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