Black Friday Holiday Auction

Looking to avoid the crowds on Black Friday weekend this year? We have the perfect gifts for your Nice List AND our gifts give back to animals on their journey #HomeAfterHarvey

Online Auction = Holidays Made Easy! Check out our online auction and start bidding on your favorite gifts through BidPal! The proceeds will go to Friends For Life! Gifts AND saved lives. Boom. Holiday win for everyone.

Bidding will be open from 12 pm on Thanksgiving day (November 23) to midnight on Cyber Monday (November 27). We'd mark our calendars if we were you. Seriously. You should.

Are you the kind of overachiever who finished shopping in July? You can still help us save lives! Take a look at the donation option!

We need you this season! We have 4x our normal number of animals. There's no partridge in a pear tree but we do have 33 litters of puppies and kittens, 29 heartworm treatments, 47 major medical cases, and over 35 cats being treated for ringworm.