Lola is back in action!

Posted on April 1, 2016

Entering a traditional shelter as a 6-year-old, heartworm+ stray is typically an automatic death sentence. But thankfully Lola (FKA Bear) made her way to FFL instead. Though she was only with us for a little while, she enjoyed her time with her foster family as she started undergoing HW treatment. She was adopted in the fall by a wonderful couple who saw past her age and her current condition - they recognized her beautiful soul, her peaceful demeanor and her desire to be loved. And together they make the perfect family!

"We feel like we are the luckiest people in the world! Little Lola is the perfect pup, and we can't believe we ever lived without her. She had heartworms when we adopted her, but her foster graciously funded her treatment. Thanks to him and the wonderful FFL staff, Lola was able to get all of her shots last fall, and is now back in action. She loves our walks through quiet neighborhoods and parks, her stuffed duck, and hanging out on her bed with us. She has learned a few tricks, and we have learned that she will do almost anything for a treat! She is still a little scared of heavy traffic and thunderstorms, but thanks to some motivation from boiled chicken, she is starting to get a little calmer in these settings. She is very smart and was already well-trained, and she has fit in perfectly with our lifestyle. We love her so, so much, and still can't figure out how we got quite this lucky.

Thank you to everyone at Friends for Life! You are an amazing organization doing amazing things, and we are forever indebted to you for hooking us up with our little baby girl."