Nelson makes a little girl’s dreams come true.

Posted on July 22, 2016

One blind eye + one crooked leg + heartworm+ = a deadly trifecta at most shelters. Not at FFL. Here, we see Nelson (FKA Aries) for who he really is - an adorably goofy dog with a zest for life! When he met his adopters, he immediately fell in love with his new sister. Over the past few months, they've become best friends - almost inseparable. In the words of the adopter's daughter, "Having Nelson as my dog is the best thing that ever happened to me. I had been dreaming of it for so long…At the beginning, he was scared of everything, but now, as soon as he sees us, he's so happy ! He follows me everywhere and never wants to be alone !! He is really my best friend...All of that happened thanks to Friends for Life and my teacher, Sandie who fosters for the dogs. Nelson is the nicest dog I will ever meet in my whole life. I love him so much. Adopting a dog at Friends for Life is saving a dog's life that started very roughly, offering him a better and happier life, and having ours even more beautiful."