Never has a name fit a dog more perfectly than it does with “Faith.”

Posted on July 12, 2016

When we first met Faith at a crowded county shelter, she was lying on the floor of her kennel. She didn't lift her head - she just slightly moved her defeated eyes to look up. Faith was past pleading at this point...and we yearned to prove to her there was reason to hope.

Between her broken vertebrae, a massive infected wound on her back leg, nerve damage that made it difficult to eliminate, a serious heartworm infestation and severe emaciation/dehydration, Faith faced more hardships in one month than most animals have to endure in a lifetime. But her determination to keep going and fight her way out of the woods helped write the perfect ending to this incredible story.

As of this week, Faith has been adopted by her forever family! She overcame so much to get to this point - it fills our hearts with joy to see Faith thriving in her new home.