Nonny earns a Happy Birthday cookie and a place in mom’s heart!

Posted on May 16, 2012

Nonny was found in April 2011. Her rescuer fostered her for 6 months and ended up adopting her even though she was afraid of pit bulls when she found her. Nonny quickly taught her that every dog deserves a chance regardless of their breed or how they look. Her adopter shared her one year update with us:

"We LOVE her! She's spoiled rotten, too. It will be one year on Monday that I found her, and I already have a chicken liver Happy Birthday cookie waiting for her. Nonny has definitely settled in, and I can't believe I was afraid of her when I found her. She has subtly encouraged the breaking of previous household rules: no dogs on the couch and no dogs on the bed. But she has brought such an amazing amount of life to our house, that I've decided to look the other way. She has become best buddies with both of the other dogs (especially Miss Ruby), and her favorite activities are sitting in the sun and playing keep away and chase with Shadow and Ruby. And swimming!"