Ollie, the “skullcrusher”

Posted on May 16, 2012

Big, handsome, lovable Ollie has made quite an impression on his new family:

"I LOVE MY OLLIE SO MUCH! He's settled in quite nicely and I think he has accepted me as his new mom. Every time I hug him when he's lying down (I press my upper body against him), he's purring before I even make contact. He has such a wonderful personality and he's such a sweet boy. I call him Skullcrusher because he headbutts me in the face every chance he gets. He's going to give me a concussion one of these days, and I'm going to laugh... He seems very happy here. My girl cat, Miles, who is 9, is slowly learning to get along with him. He's been allowed to semi-snuggle with her twice, which is more than my Zeke was allowed to do in 9 years. He really is a wonderful cat. I can't thank you guys and his fosters enough. I'm extremely fortunate to have him in my family."